Gringo in Brazil

With a population over 200 million and landmass almost as large as the United States, Brazil possesses breathtaking beauty and splendor. From the famous tourist landmarks of Rio de Janeiro to the unspoiled, pristine beaches of the great Northeast, musician, photographer and author Morgan Bouldin captures the essence of this exotic country through photo and commentary. Providing insight from the perspective of a Texas Gringo, unforgettable images abound, revealing a Brazilian people, festive and friendly and with smiling souls.

Since 2002, Morgan Bouldin has traveled extensively throughout Brazil and has chronicled his experiences in a simple, easy-to-read presentation. With over 200 captivating photographs, this book is a pictoral celebration, affirming memorable, small slices of life, from a little boy with haunting brown eyes, to the beautiful showgirls of Carnival, to the stillness of the aqua seas, and to the vastness and majesty of the Brazilian landscapes. Fun and spirited, with sensitivity and warmth, the Gringo In Brazil serves as your own personal tour guide. Tudo Bem!

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